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We are like you!   We love to have fun 

Our goal is to make your event stand out, be , unique, and be very special occasion, because all of our customers are special! We offer them most convenient services with personalized attention.

Fill your party or event with music, with the most modern Jukeboxes, with which you and your guests can have fun singing and dancing.  


What is a Rockola?

coin-operated automated music playing equipment.

What's so special about these Rockolas?

The Rockolas that we manage have more than 9000 music records of all genres, it also has Karaoke tracks to sing with all your friends and family. They are ultra-modern and have laser lights for any party.

Is Wi-Fi needed? 

No, WIFI is not needed. You only need to connect to a light source to turn on the Jukebox.

How much does delivery cost?

No additional cost for delivery. 

Will you take care of the installation?

Yes, we install when the machine is delivered.

It's easy to use?

Yes, the jukebox is very easy to use. When the jukebox is delivered, it is important for the customer to be present for a short tutorial. A user guide is also distributed at delivery .

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